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What is MarketPlace.InfrastructurePhotos

It is an online store for (Royalty-free stock images) un-commissioned aerial, architectural and construction.

Who owns MarketPlace.InfrastructurePhotos

This marketplace is 100% owned by InfrastructurePhotos (Pty) Ltd and all images are photographed by the InfrastructurePhotos team. InfrastructurePhotos is a registered South African Professional Photography company.

What it the difference between your online store and  Getty Images/Istock etc?

Well, the online store is of our images. For you photographed by us.

Our images sales are limited. Each image is sold  a maximum of five instances. Once the five instances are reached the image will no longer be available for purchasing. This makes our online store and this is one of the key USPs

Our marketplace is only for infrastructure related images

How safe is it to use my credit card?

All payments are done via Payfast, a secure gateway which protects your credit card information

How big are your images and do you sell them in different sizes?

Our cameras have sensors that produces raw images with a size of 7, 360 × 4,912 (36.3 megapixels). All images are provided in highest resolution, file size ranges from 7mb to 40MB depending on camera, lense and image processing. When you purchase an image it is the largest JPEG we can produce of that image. We only give you one size, the biggest.

What if i cant find a particular image after searching for it?

Please drop up us email with the details of the image and once that image is available we will notify you. Click here to contact us

Can i purchase credits?

Yes you can. Please contact for details on credits bundles


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