The jacaranda tree also known as Jacaranda mimosifolia is a beautiful tropical tree that produces clusters of fragrant purple panicle-shaped blooms native to South America, it is an invasive species in several parts of the world such as South Africa. Jacaranda branches are arched, forming a canopy shaped like an upturned umbrella. Jacaranda trees first came to Pretoria in 1888, imported by a travelling nurseryman called Tempelman who sold two jacaranda seedlings to Jacob Daniël Celliers, who resided at Myrtle Lodge, 146 Celliers Street, Sunnyside.

A second person with this nickname, namely Frank Walter Jameson contributed to the planting of jacaranda trees in Pretoria and received the nickname “Jacaranda Jim” as a result of his influence in the planting of these trees in the town. He was not only the person responsible for planting the most jacaranda trees in Pretoria, but also planted them in Kimberley and Nairobi.

William Nelson is credited with lining the streets of Johannesburg with jacarandas from his nurseries. Nelson is credited to have planted over 100km of trees in the Kensington neighborhood of Joburg.

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