Framed Prints 

As part of our value add service offering, we offer customised framing on images photographed by InfrastructurePhotos.  Our framed prints are ideal for offices, hotels, homes and as gifts. Our default frames come in the following 3 size:

IFP Portrait Frame 01 – High quality white/ black frames with a single mount of 60mm – image size 675 x 655mm @ R5000.00

IFP Landscape Frame 02 – High quality white/ black frames with a single mount of 60mm  – image size 1000x632mm @ R6500.00

Our framed images are all printed Epson matt 190 GSM paper, recommended fine art paper.  We also offer the following papers upon request.

  • Tecco PM 230 gsm – This is a  matt paper, with an ability to absorb extremely large amounts of ink, stands out from other papers. Punchy colours guarantee a pleasing and high quality appearance that is reliable and long lasting paper for demanding digital art prints. This paper is the perfect all-rounder for all types of matt printing and comes up trumps with its perfect price/performance ratio.
  • Innova Fiba 280 gsm –  This a very smooth bright white matt paper that manages an impressively deep range of tones. Archival in nature, but does contain some optical brighteners.  This paper is a very smooth finish, with a bright whiteness indicative of moderate levels of optical brighteners.It’s acid and lignin free and is relatively stable once mounted.

Please  contact us  to place an order.


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